A business idea to make money

You have a business idea, but not the money, the time or the desire to implement the business idea itself and to start a business?

That's really so many people, because the implementation of a business idea is often the most expensive part of starting a business. Would not it be nice to provide only the idea and to let others do the work, while keeping it just collects the money? Once a good idea and then do for the rest of life on Palm beach and sipping cocktails while the money flows regularly into the account. Of this dream many.

And there are actually alternatives on how to make your idea about money:

1. Business Partner: You have the ideas and another implements them. In business, there is more: One of the most creative and the other is the bookmaker. Should as such be a team Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer of Microsoft - even if Bill Gates secure not only supplies the ideas and then goes on holiday.

2. Sale of the business idea: sell your business idea to an existing company. Here, of course, you have to watch that you like the idea is not simply stolen. Rights such as a patent or other means can help here. Measures may include the complete sale of the idea or licensing. In any case, here are experts, mainly lawyers, asked the advice.

3. Sale of the concept: Many people who want to become entrepreneurs still need an idea. If your business idea is really about, then maybe you can sell the concept alone. Of course you can not find many sell and do not indefinitely them - otherwise there is too much competition among the founders with your business idea. But this path might be for you one of the easiest to exploit a business idea profitable. Note: As soon as a first really successful with your concept, it will be better to sell to other founders.

4. Franchising: Franchising is a form of licensing of your business idea. They provide the business idea, the concept, the product and perhaps even more support for the franchisee, which then start their own company with your concept and you paid for it.

TIP: There is next to the company's founding some alternatives as you can earn with a business money. If you do not want to put yourself your idea, consider carefully the options and models could there yet. And then you get the advice and assistance of experienced experts, so you do not get nothing at the end.

That doesn't mean we're perfect, but when we make mistakes we fix them.
As you learn as an entrepreneur, your dreams and goals, step by step to actually achieve
I have thought long what advice, what kind of advice I can give you in my Christmas e-mail on the way into the next year. It struck me again and again an article one, which I read last year about Michael Phelps, the American world-class swimmer, the say at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing and write 8 gold medals won. For this new record, he received from his sponsor a prize of 1 million dollars. With this money Michael Phelps set up a foundation whose first action was an educational program for children. This program was entitled "Dream, Plan, Reach".

In this program, children should learn to set goals, take responsibility and practice discipline. Dreaming, planning, achievement. Well, that could easily be the content of a training program for operators, right? This title is at least for me an apt motto for the next days.

I do not know how about you, but next to the hustle and bustle and the stress around the Christmas, for me is the time 'between the years', the days between Christmas and New Year, always something special. These days it is actually once quiet, there will be time to think, because I will not be distracted all the time by some everyday things and daily business. It's cold, darkness falls early and most people are in their homes. Like a veil settles a pleasant rest of the country. Time stands still a little. I see then back on the year that is ending and think about what I have experienced and done, how far I have come closer to my dreams. Then I think about what I have dreams and goals for the next year.

I have learned that putting through training, planning, goals and informed choice of action, anything is possible', Michael Phelps said in an interview. In fact, the program 'dreams, plan, achieve' a powerful tool. Read More