How to win right references more easily customers

Have you ever been on the maternity ward of a hospital or in the waiting room of a gynecologist? The walls are covered with baby photos and maps of the parents who thank to thank the doctors, midwives and nurses. Do you know a better advertisement? Hardly anything can surpass the compelling action of a real and personal reference or a customer recommendation. If someone is willing to work with his name to vouch publicly for the quality of a product or service (or a doctor), his confidence in the provider must be very large. And that confidence carries over to a new customer, if it reads as a reference.

Getting a compelling and personal reference

It's simple: You ask for it! Of course, it is at its best when our customers send us a reference of itself. As to the maternity ward. If you receive such unsolicited references, then ask whether you publish it and may use for themselves. Similarly, if someone praises your product in a week, you take the opportunity to ask you - maybe with a wink, whether the customer would give you the writing. Sometimes it'll work.

But they are also different about your references: Every company has its "favorite customer", of which one knows that they are very satisfied customers. Ask your favorite clients simply a reference. Make it your clients as simple as possible: you offer, vorzuformulieren the text for the customer, so that he does not have to bother yourself. Is not that cheating? Not if you stick to the truth. Many customers are your template even like to take and some references would probably never get scratch. Of course you should mention only facts in the boilerplate reference. So if there is something there, what the customer has particularly praised what he has particularly pleased or if with him something worked out well, then you should also write in the reference text. Just the boilerplate references I had the best experience with me and with my clients.

Such references can chase all customers

The following errors you should avoid:
Exaggerated Promotinal full superlatives such as "An incredibly great product ..." (worse: Consisting of a single sentence).
No names or abbreviations: "P. Schmidt H." - Even if the references are genuine, you no one believes the course.
Phraseology ( "Company is Glaubnix the best company ever.") Unrelated to the product.
Fake References: A well-known German webhosts has advertised with people and their sites that did not exist (one had just said domain enter and already flew on the scams - very bold and embarrassing).

What is a good reference?

This makes a reference convincing and authentic:
That's the truth
Superlative only if they also agree and best with facts or examples show ( "In just two days, our apartment was ready and then came even more ...")
Best match the positioning of your company (if you provide the best service, should to something standing in the reference)
Specific information (numbers and verifiable facts are best example: "Business consulting Taugtwas has increased sales in just 12 weeks by 17%.")
With first and last name of the customer (if writing on a letterhead of course with signature). If your customer even allows you to call his phone number, which is a big vote of confidence and noted also the reader of the reference (for large projects and sales volume will give you a lot of business no job before you have not personally spoken with customers from you) ,

That doesn't mean we're perfect, but when we make mistakes we fix them.
As you learn as an entrepreneur, your dreams and goals, step by step to actually achieve
I have thought long what advice, what kind of advice I can give you in my Christmas e-mail on the way into the next year. It struck me again and again an article one, which I read last year about Michael Phelps, the American world-class swimmer, the say at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing and write 8 gold medals won. For this new record, he received from his sponsor a prize of 1 million dollars. With this money Michael Phelps set up a foundation whose first action was an educational program for children. This program was entitled "Dream, Plan, Reach".

In this program, children should learn to set goals, take responsibility and practice discipline. Dreaming, planning, achievement. Well, that could easily be the content of a training program for operators, right? This title is at least for me an apt motto for the next days.

I do not know how about you, but next to the hustle and bustle and the stress around the Christmas, for me is the time 'between the years', the days between Christmas and New Year, always something special. These days it is actually once quiet, there will be time to think, because I will not be distracted all the time by some everyday things and daily business. It's cold, darkness falls early and most people are in their homes. Like a veil settles a pleasant rest of the country. Time stands still a little. I see then back on the year that is ending and think about what I have experienced and done, how far I have come closer to my dreams. Then I think about what I have dreams and goals for the next year.

I have learned that putting through training, planning, goals and informed choice of action, anything is possible', Michael Phelps said in an interview. In fact, the program 'dreams, plan, achieve' a powerful tool. Read More