Copy-cat transfer successful business ideas

"Madness millionaires in just 6 months - this will I!"

But somehow I wanted at that time was not quite the same. So, I wanted to also like to know after only 6 months working millionaire - I would have really had nothing against it! But I did not "simply" copy an idea. I wanted to be innovative, something new and create your own. Well, I was young, although needed the money, but a copy cat I did not somehow be (in English imitators are called "copy cats", or "copy-cat"). To search for an idea in the United States or elsewhere, and to transfer to Germany I not seemed particularly appealing.

Frankly, it seems to me even today sooo particularly appealing. But the attraction of entrepreneurial life also lies in the fact that everyone can choose its business and build his business as he would like it. Therefore I see the transfer of business ideas today with different eyes, because ...

Copy-cats have some advantages

Of course, your company is to be successful and because the copy-cat comes into play yet again. For copying or transfer successful business ideas also has much to recommend it:
The business model has proven itself apparent and increases the own chances of success considerably.

There is obviously a market with buyers who are willing to pay enough money.

All the processes, the product, etc. must not be only all even invented, tested and optimized. You can just accept everything. Well, at least most of it.

The "evidence" is provided. It is much easier to convince investors and customers, if the evidence whether the product or business idea works at all, has already been provided by someone else.

Because it went so well with Alando and ebay, you have Samwer brothers not leave a copy of this and continued to put it to imitate successful business ideas and business models. In Manager Magazin last year there was a rather critical article on the Samwer brothers under the heading "The botch-Brothers".

Okay, this may be a somewhat controversial source of inspiration. But just because the Samwer brothers and other business might not always gone the right way in their enterprises, can mimicking a successful business idea can still be a good approach for you. The advantages are as mentioned in the manual.

There's "imitators" still an interesting interview with the Oldenburg Entrepreneurship Professor Alexander Nicolai. He explores how business models spread over the globe. He has - also the example of Samwer brothers - found that early "copy-cat" often are more successful than their models:

"This is especially true if they mimic an existing overseas business model, but are in their home market of the pioneer - as Oliver, Marc and Alexander Samwer brothers so do it regularly This shows that. It is not necessarily promising the first provider to be at all, but rather the first generic in a new market. "

Norman Rentrop incidentally homemade from the "imitation of business ideas" a private business. He has built up a publishing house that brings out the magazine "business idea". There only existing business ideas with plans, info, sources, etc. presented. There can of course easily happen that business ideas have not really proven over years or there are so many imitators, so that the competition already too large (hence the EARLY copy-cats also are usually the most successful). But who is enterprising still wet behind the ears, can be inspired there quiet times.

That doesn't mean we're perfect, but when we make mistakes we fix them.
As you learn as an entrepreneur, your dreams and goals, step by step to actually achieve
I have thought long what advice, what kind of advice I can give you in my Christmas e-mail on the way into the next year. It struck me again and again an article one, which I read last year about Michael Phelps, the American world-class swimmer, the say at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing and write 8 gold medals won. For this new record, he received from his sponsor a prize of 1 million dollars. With this money Michael Phelps set up a foundation whose first action was an educational program for children. This program was entitled "Dream, Plan, Reach".

In this program, children should learn to set goals, take responsibility and practice discipline. Dreaming, planning, achievement. Well, that could easily be the content of a training program for operators, right? This title is at least for me an apt motto for the next days.

I do not know how about you, but next to the hustle and bustle and the stress around the Christmas, for me is the time 'between the years', the days between Christmas and New Year, always something special. These days it is actually once quiet, there will be time to think, because I will not be distracted all the time by some everyday things and daily business. It's cold, darkness falls early and most people are in their homes. Like a veil settles a pleasant rest of the country. Time stands still a little. I see then back on the year that is ending and think about what I have experienced and done, how far I have come closer to my dreams. Then I think about what I have dreams and goals for the next year.

I have learned that putting through training, planning, goals and informed choice of action, anything is possible', Michael Phelps said in an interview. In fact, the program 'dreams, plan, achieve' a powerful tool. Read More