Professional appearance - To scare No customer

How important are these thoughts for the success of a founder, I realized again, as I had to think to this e-mail about how three freshly baked founder of a beautiful lunch without an appointment stormed into my office. There were two men and a woman who had just founded a service company. The men in sweatpants and sneakers, unshaven, hair as it can bring only a nocturnal acting pillows concluded and a whiff shuffling going on that was crying out for a deodorant and a shower just in the hot summer. Further descriptions I'll spare us dear. Those were definitely no more blunders that was a grease-bath, in which the group swam there.

The question as to the professional appearance of our 18-year-old company founder is therefore truly justified and that he thought this makes itself at all, shows that he is on the right track.

How do I contact my customer to professional?

he has the recipe itself supplied the same: "I am 18 years old and want to act as authentically AND professionally."

That is what, your appearance should be authentic AND professionally.

How does authentic appearance? If you want to appear authentic, you must also themselves feel comfortable in your "clothes". Towards the end of my schooldays meant a branch manager of Mercedes to me once: "If you have a job interview and a suit wearing want, then run during the two weeks a few times around in Otherwise one sees you at once that you are not used to it. to wear a suit. " If you move as company founders at once in circles where a suit or a dress is expected of you, but otherwise you run around only in jeans and a sweater, you should first get used to wearing the new clothes. Conversely, the same applies: If you have previously worked as a lawyer and now open an ice cream shop, you have to get used to other clothing. Authentic Their appearance is when it looks as if you are accustomed to act in these clothes and you feel comfortable in it.

What clothing is part of a professional appearance?

This question is not as easy to answer as 20 years ago today. The dress code has become more open and, of course, it also depends very much on the respective sector from. Therefore, it is a good recipe, simply be based on the dress code of other entrepreneurs who are active in the same industry. To see what is taken in this area, where you start, and be on the safe side, if you act accordingly.

Take the example of the one-man company that deals with computer graphics. I think a suit is not in the industry today more duty. I have therefore advised following him: "Perhaps you are more interested in the official graduation ceremony or a family celebration or the first date with a great woman Such clothing is probably appropriate for a customer appointment Give it a try..."

You just have to try out also, so you feel good and what is well received among customers. So your appearance is authentic and professional.

That doesn't mean we're perfect, but when we make mistakes we fix them.
As you learn as an entrepreneur, your dreams and goals, step by step to actually achieve
I have thought long what advice, what kind of advice I can give you in my Christmas e-mail on the way into the next year. It struck me again and again an article one, which I read last year about Michael Phelps, the American world-class swimmer, the say at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing and write 8 gold medals won. For this new record, he received from his sponsor a prize of 1 million dollars. With this money Michael Phelps set up a foundation whose first action was an educational program for children. This program was entitled "Dream, Plan, Reach".

In this program, children should learn to set goals, take responsibility and practice discipline. Dreaming, planning, achievement. Well, that could easily be the content of a training program for operators, right? This title is at least for me an apt motto for the next days.

I do not know how about you, but next to the hustle and bustle and the stress around the Christmas, for me is the time 'between the years', the days between Christmas and New Year, always something special. These days it is actually once quiet, there will be time to think, because I will not be distracted all the time by some everyday things and daily business. It's cold, darkness falls early and most people are in their homes. Like a veil settles a pleasant rest of the country. Time stands still a little. I see then back on the year that is ending and think about what I have experienced and done, how far I have come closer to my dreams. Then I think about what I have dreams and goals for the next year.

I have learned that putting through training, planning, goals and informed choice of action, anything is possible', Michael Phelps said in an interview. In fact, the program 'dreams, plan, achieve' a powerful tool. Read More