Virus marketing, viral marketing and word of mouth

Virus marketing or viral marketing is considered by many as a new wonder: Advertising, which spreads rapidly and costs little. What's behind it? Nothing spreads faster than the direct communication from person to person. This phenomenon uses viral marketing and works like word of mouth. However, modern technologies such as telephone, fax and Internet and e-mail have created additional communication channels. Thus the speed and range of communication from person to person have increased dramatically. A "communications virus" can reach thousands of people within a few days by e-mail. Deals like, GMX or Hotmail spread as information at the end of every e-mail that are sent by users of this e-mail services. The book "idea virus" by Seth Godin has been downloaded as a free ebook 250,000 times. it should have 750,000 more people by e-mail. As there was to buy the book in hardcover, it became an instant bestseller.

How you can use viral marketing for yourself? Developing a Marketing Virus runs under this plan:

1. Analyze the needs, expectations and communication channels of your target audience

What interests your target audience? What expectations do you have? Which communication channels they use among themselves?

2. Designing an action ...

satisfies at least a need of your target audience
that can be spread easily and quickly to the communication channels of your target audience
which can be used individually by each people of your target audience
the communication to the target group has a value

3. Give your action a matching, memorable name

The American author Seth Godin has specially invented the name "idea virus" (virus idea) for his book on viral marketing. Our idea agency "Break the nut!" appears repeatedly in the press, also because the name is so unusual and easy to remember.

4. infecting your target audience as possible numerous and multipliers

Media, e-mails, Internet, celebrities, contacts ... the more communication channels you use and the more people "infect" the better. The most effective course multipliers, ie people or media that reach as many other people and have a good name in the target group.

5. Be patient until the virus has reached the critical point of distribution and keep it alive long

Viruses spread in the course of an exponential curve. This means that the spread in the beginning may run very slowly. But if the virus succeeds, dissemination occurs later faster. If the virus takes time to spread, then you must have a little patience and keep him more alive.

That doesn't mean we're perfect, but when we make mistakes we fix them.
As you learn as an entrepreneur, your dreams and goals, step by step to actually achieve
I have thought long what advice, what kind of advice I can give you in my Christmas e-mail on the way into the next year. It struck me again and again an article one, which I read last year about Michael Phelps, the American world-class swimmer, the say at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing and write 8 gold medals won. For this new record, he received from his sponsor a prize of 1 million dollars. With this money Michael Phelps set up a foundation whose first action was an educational program for children. This program was entitled "Dream, Plan, Reach".

In this program, children should learn to set goals, take responsibility and practice discipline. Dreaming, planning, achievement. Well, that could easily be the content of a training program for operators, right? This title is at least for me an apt motto for the next days.

I do not know how about you, but next to the hustle and bustle and the stress around the Christmas, for me is the time 'between the years', the days between Christmas and New Year, always something special. These days it is actually once quiet, there will be time to think, because I will not be distracted all the time by some everyday things and daily business. It's cold, darkness falls early and most people are in their homes. Like a veil settles a pleasant rest of the country. Time stands still a little. I see then back on the year that is ending and think about what I have experienced and done, how far I have come closer to my dreams. Then I think about what I have dreams and goals for the next year.

I have learned that putting through training, planning, goals and informed choice of action, anything is possible', Michael Phelps said in an interview. In fact, the program 'dreams, plan, achieve' a powerful tool. Read More