Brexit And The Demise Of Great Britain’s Government

It’s not a secret that Great Britain’s government has been in turmoil for quite some time, but a common misconception that is being spread around is that Brexit is directly responsible for its destruction. Truth be told, there are plenty of other areas and individuals that have “contributed to its demise”, including sex scandals, secret meetings, political donors, and even, the royal family. For a long time, Great Britain fancied itself a superior government and were quick to boast about its overwhelming success. Now, the tables have turned, and prime minister Theresa May is “left to pick up the pieces”.

Brexit vs. European Union

May has not even been in office for an entire year, but she is receiving most of the backlash regarding the Brexit vote. For those of you who have not kept up with the Brexit dealings, the country voted on a referendum to exit the European Union, which is being led by a group that is often referred to as barbarians. Britain’s barbarians have “breached” both major parties, which ultimately forced former prime minister David Cameron to put the issue of EU membership up for a vote. Obviously, his group lost, resulting in the country’s removal from the Union. Oddly enough, May, who is an EU supporter, was voted as the next prime minister, causing quite the stir in the depth of government. May believes that there should at least be a delay of the Brexit exchange, so that companies can become more prepared for an EU exit. Needless to say, the entire Brexit dealings have caused quite the mess.

Other Causes of Destruction

As mentioned above, Brexit is not the only reason the British government is failing at the moment. Sexual harassment claims led to the resignation of defense minister Michael Fallon, and deputy prime minister, Damian Green is also facing harassment allegations. In addition, members of the royal family, including Lord Ashcroft, the Queen, and Prince Charles, have been benefitting from tax-free shelters. It remains to be seen how this all plays out for the British government, but things do not look to be getting any easier for “May and her team”.