English Wine Industry Sees 16% Raise

English wine makers are ecstatic after the industry’s worth rose to £132 million last year. Despite economic hardships throughout the UK, wine sales have increased by 16%. It is definitely not ironic that alcohol sales inflate when a country is in peril.

Rise In Popularity

Experts say wine is not the only popular adult beverage amongst UK citizens. Researchers have seen a quick rise in the popularity of gin and craft beer as well. Boutique British alcohol has also become a favorite across the nation. But so far in 2017, the English wine industry reigns supreme in the competitive alcohol marketplace.

White Wine Glasses

Winbirri Vineyards Captured The Best White Wine Honor At The Decanter World Wine Awards

The industry saw a huge boost on an international platform in May. A Norfolk-produced wine took home the title of best white wine in the world at the Decanter World Wine Awards. Winbirri Vineyards’ Bacchus 2015 took home the prize after outperforming more than 17,000 wines from around the globe. The 200-seat panel gave the wine a 95/100 rating, furthering the UK’s reputation as a premier wine producer.

France and Germany have been viewed as the top of the class among white wine producers for centuries. Now, thanks to Winbirri Vineyards’ distinction two months ago, the UK is becoming a credible threat to those countries. Consumers’ response to the recent English wine production suggests competing nations should worry about powerhouses like Winbirri and Chapel Down.

Brexit Update

Brexit negotiations continue to dominate headlines across the UK. The latest rumblings have linked Australia to future trade deals. The country says it will be ready to seal a trade deal with the UK once an exit agreement has been struck. Meanwhile, Australia will first attempt to finalize a trade pact with the EU while negotiations continue. The country has prospered for decades due to its free trade policies. Both the UK and Australia seem extremely hopeful that the two sides can maintain a peaceful business relationship after Brexit.