One Of England’s Top Actors Gives And Receives

One of England’s premier actors, Tom Hardy has made headlines the past week for his excellence on the big screen and for his charitable work as well. The actor known mostly for his role of Bane in “The Dark Knight Rises,” was selected to play Venom in an upcoming superhero film earlier this week. Additionally, the Hammersmith native was praised for launching an online fundraiser for victims of the recent Manchester terrorist attack.

Hollywood Breakthrough

The casting of Hardy in the much-anticipated Venom movie has earned applause throughout Hollywood. The 39-year-old has earned quite a reputation after his featured roles in “Mad Max: Fury Road,” “The Revenant,” and “Dunkirk.” Hardy possesses indefinable qualities that help him bring his characters to life on the big screen; making him an obvious choice to reprise his role as a villain. With that being said, the announcement via Sony came as little surprise as the actor continues to rise amongst Hollywood’s elite talents. The corporation hopes Hardy can breathe life into its superhero films after several misfires in recent years.

Hardy’s Charitable Efforts

Worth a reported £23 million, Hardy has decided to give his money and time back to his community. Following the brutal terrorist attack in Manchester, Hardy decided to start an online fundraising campaign to aid the victims’ families. His goal is to raise nearly £12,000 for the British Red Cross Society. As of Wednesday afternoon, Hardy’s campaign had raised over £7,000 in funds thanks to donations from 316 supporters.

Monday’s attack, which occurred right after an Ariana Grande concert, resulted in the deaths of 22 people. A reported 59 other individuals suffered injuries as well. Moments later, the terrorist group ISIS claimed responsibility for the actions. Hardy then took it upon himself to support the community that helped him become the privileged star he is today.

It is a true testament to Hardy’s character that he can completely shift focus to a UK tragedy just days after receiving the biggest role of his career. As Hardy continues to garner acclaim on the screen, his prowess off the screen and in the community, is even more impressive.