Radio 1’s Big Weekend Likely To Boost Local Economy

Even before BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend concerts got underway, it was projected to be a win-win for music fans and the local economy. The event, which took place on Saturday and Sunday, saw 50,000 people flock to the city of Hull for the annual concerts. While music enthusiasts went home satisfied, Hull government officials left the UK’s largest free ticketed festival even happier.

Before official records are released by the city, it’s safe to assume the concerts were beneficial to the local economy based on recent history. The 2010 show in Bangor was a massive success for major industries surrounding the event. Exeter expected to bring in nearly £3.1 million dollars to its economy when they hosted the Big Weekend last year. Local authorities claimed they would make more than seven times the amount of their investment. Revenues will likely hit a new record for the city of Hull.

Organizers have made many renovations since Hull was announced as the 2017 host of the event. A massive stage with state-of-the-art speakers was one of the first items constructed at the Burton Constable Hall and Grounds. Festival rides and attractions were soon added to the concert site as well. A separate dance stage was built just outside the main festival area, encouraging the masses to tour the entire property.

Big Weekend’s Featured Acts

Headlined by Katy Perry and Kings of Leon, the weekend concerts had been highly anticipated for months. Tickets for the festivities completely sold out in less than an hour as fans flocked to distributors. The show will include other big acts such as The Chainsmokers, Lorde, Bastille, and Imagine Dragons.

Hull had been a rumored finalist to host the event several times before eventually getting the call. And after finally receiving the honor, it was hard to tell who was more excited; music fans or city officials anticipating the impact on the local economy. With the 2017 festival officially in the books, other cities are already lining up for a chance to host the concerts next summer.