Theresa May Criticizes UK Home Builders

Theresa May has come under the most scrutiny for the UK’s current housing crisis, but the Prime Minister was quick to deflect blame earlier this week. During a speech in London, May suggested the developers are causing a lull in the housing market. She said UK home builders need to develop properties much faster in order to advance the struggling industry.

Government Versus Developers?

The polarizing Prime Minister did not stop with the simple criticism though; May hinted at the possibility of government discipline towards developers hindering progression. After explaining the alarming gap between permissions granted and homes currently built, May said some sort of punishment will definitely be imposed. It seems as though government is now putting pressure on developers to act quickly instead of taking their time.

While developers continue to argue that there are no issues with their construction times, UK citizens say otherwise. A UK data collection estimates that only half of the property permissions have been converted to homes from 2006 – 2014. Many experts have hoped the UK could implement construction procedures utilized in Japan. Home-building in that country generally takes only a total of 45 days. Could May and developers work together to detail a plan that emulates the one used by Japanese home builders?

Housing Issues In Manchester

In big cities like Manchester, development is moving swiftly, but creating few results. Data shows that none of the nearly 15,000 homes currently in development are affordable for citizens. The affordable definition was put into place by government, but home builders across Manchester have obviously not followed those guidelines. Manchester homes generally sell faster than the majority of UK cities, but have recently hit a roadblock due to pricing-out the consumers. Additionally, the increase in rent appears to have no end in sight. Other cities like Nottingham, London, and Sheffield continue to struggle with the same issues.